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Christopher launched in 2018 with the aspiration to develop a line of products that regenerate the original intention of luxury and to amplify craftsmanship, quality materials, and functionality. After many trips to Italy; studying and learning from the local artisans, he felt that there was a missing link between what luxury used to represent and the current offerings in the market. Thus, he decided to utilize his expertise as a consumer of luxury to design pieces that were unique and desirable of the highest quality.

Christopher King is a brand that celebrates the traditions of old-world craftsmanship and does not shy away from the most intimate details of a product. Artisans in Milan over the course of several months handcraft each piece with the client in mind. Each detail on the product serves a purpose and has a specific function. Christopher King values quality over quantity and guarantees that every product is 100% handmade in Milan, Italy, by highly trained artisans with world-class materials that he personally selects.

The ultimate pursuit of his passion was to revisit the core of luxury with handmade pieces for the consumer that will last them many lifetimes and to provide lifestyle staples that will enhance the client’s overall experience of life.